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ABC Saxophone Tutor - Alun Cook

I have developed this tutor over many years. Having been frustrated by not finding one that provided a simple, step by step approach with plenty of repertoire for even the slowest student, I wrote my own. Too many try to be "all things to all men", trying to accommodate group learning and Band Programme systems, or just moving way too fast. Most of my students get through this very fast, but there is plenty to help the slower mover.

This tutor works! Teachers like it and students enjoy it. It tackles the notes in a sensible order and does not claim to be a teach-yourself book. A good teacher is essential for a well-rounded technique ... and it is free! It is free because I hope you (the teacher) or you (the student) will come back to this site when you have reached a good standard, and enjoy the repertoire available which I hope you will find stimulating and enjoyable.

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