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Alun Cook grew up near Cambridge and went on to study Clarinet and Saxophone at the Royal Academy of Music in London (1972). Specializing in orchestral saxophone and chamber music, he has played in everything from Punk to Puccini. His musical tastes have always been eclectic, ranging through Baroque, Classical, Jazz, Rock and Contemporary styles - from Bach and Blood Sweat and Tears, to Berg and the Brecker Bros.

Cook's writing reflects this broad taste and compositions range from the minimalist style to close harmony jazz-influenced creations. He has built a fine reputation amongst musicians for skilful scoring with a real understanding of the capabilities of the instruments for which he writes. The majority of his output is for wind ensemble, especially Clarinet, Saxophone and Brass. The writing tends to be quite demanding, often being commissioned for specific ensembles and he admits that the music is mostly written for the entertainment of the performer rather than to seduce the listener (but hopefully both).

Living in Kent in "The Garden of England", his music is widely performed with scores sold in over 60 countries.

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The composer has always been lucky enough to play with and write for players who enjoy a challenge. There are a few scores specifically written for students, but the majority are written with professionals and accomplished players in mind.

There are a mixture of original works and arrangements of classic works. In the case of the arrangements you will find them accurate and true to the original, unlike many that you will find online.

You will also find a smattering of Christmas Carols, the odd piano duet and some entertaining chamber music along with the occasional showpiece for solo performers. There are free tutor books for clarinet and saxophone and some elementary pieces to help specific technical difficulties, and some simple "below the break" trios for student clarinettists.

Most of the scores are for sale although a few are free - have a look at the Christmas Carols. You have the benefit of being able to see and hear before you buy. The scores are carefully prepared and but if you do find any errors, a correction is just an email away at:


Born in 1955