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ABC Clarinet Tutor - Alun Cook

Abiti gialli manica corta The modern generation of commercial tutors seem to have gone away from the basics of providing a simple, progressive tutor, with plenty of material. They have great graphics, or are full of well-known tunes, or try to match progress on a variety of different instruments such as in Band Programmes.

Brautmutterkleider paillettenkleider Having been frustrated by not finding one that provided a simple, step by step approach with plenty of repertoire for even the slowest student, I have developed my own over many years. Most of my students get through this very fast, but there is plenty to help the slower mover.

Tunika-kleider rollkragen This tutor works! Teachers like it and students enjoy it. It tackles the notes in a sensible order and does not claim to be a teach-yourself book. A good teacher is essential for a well-rounded technique ... and it is free! It is free because I hope you (the teacher) or you (the student) will come back to this site when you have reached a good standard, and enjoy the repertoire available which I hope you will find stimulating and enjoyable.

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ABC Rocking Week - Alun Cook

Designed for elementary clarinet students, these 5 short concert pieces help to develop the good rocking action that is essential for fluency onto the A' key. The pieces use the left hand only and should be used as soon as the A' is required. They also provide an introduction to dynamics in an obvious and humorous way. (The example included in the sound file helps the student rock up to the A key.)

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ABC Stepping Down - Alun Cook

Stepping Down is a set of 12 concert pieces for clarinet and piano for the elementary player. The pieces only assume knowledge of the left-hand (middle C to A) and gradually increases the range downwards through B, Bb, A and G. The material links in with the ABC Clarinet Tutor with some extended tunes and new material. (The example included in the sound file is "Epic", No.7 of 12 pieces, working at moving smoothly from C to A)

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